Tokyo Interview Extra: A mail from Giuliano Garau

Tokyo Interview

I'm really happy to see you.

January 10 (Wed), 2007

Tokyo Interview Extra

A mail from Giuliano Garau (Holland)
I don't like rude foreigners that don't care about Japanese customs and traditions.

I got a mail from Giuliano Garau, the first interviewee from Holland. At that time, October 2006, it was his fifth day in Japan. Now he is in Holland. He had been in Tokyo for three months. While he was in Japan, how did he feel about Tokyo and Japan?
Let's take a look.

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Have you felt differences between Japan and your country?
If so, what kind of differences?

I've explained before that there are a few differences between two countries. But let me add a few more things to that list.
- Public transport is very good. If you use the somewhat more
popular railway lines, you notice that most trains will arrive
each three minutes while in Holland each train comes in 20
to 30 minutes. And every train, bus or shinkansen in Japan
arrives exactly on time.
- people who are drunk in Japan sleep on the street. Never seen
that in Holland.
- Bikes are allowed to ride on the sidewalk.

What Japanese things did you enjoy most? And what is the
most favorite one?

- Food. I love Japanese food.
- People. I love the people...well most of them, hehe
- Japanese movies and television shows....... just awesome.
- Japanese art.
- Baseball..... Japan has some baseball hitting centers where you
can hit some balls for 300 yen (less than US$3). Very nice, bit
expensive, so I bought a baseball at the 100 yen shop and
went to the park with my friends. Great fun.
-“u su no ro no ba ka”.... awesome card game.
- Karaoke ...but with beer though.
My favorite from the list above is probably the food, but its difficult to make a decision as I love many things.

What are the terrible things for you? And what is the most terrible one?

- Bikes on the sidewalk. Many of the bikers don't watch out for
pedestrians and just run you over.
- People on the street that walk up to you on purpose and
expect that you move out of the way. So they bump into you
with their shoulder and don't even apologize.
- Rude foreigners that don't care about Japanese customs and

Had you missed your home when you were in Japan? If so, how often? When?

I had never missed my home or country, but I occasionally missed my family and friends.

Do you want to come back to Japan?

Yeah definitely, and hope as soon as possible.

Tsukiji Fish Market Area

*Photos by Giuliano

What is Tokyo to you?

Tokyo is a wonderful city that has many things to offer. I think you can find absolutely ANYTHING
you want in Tokyo.

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