About Us

About Us


Isao Tokuhashi (General Manager)

My Eyes Tokyo launched in October 2006. I had some experiences of interacting with foreigners in Japan before that. I was really interested in what they looked at and what they felt about their daily life in Japan. That's the reason I started this project. "My Eyes" in the name of this website means the foreigners' points of view on Tokyo and Japan.
Also I wanted to transmit the current situation in Japan to people in the rest of the world. Many people know very well about the traditional Japan but I wanted them to know modern aspects of Japan, too. My Eyes Tokyo brings you many stories of foreigners who are now living in modern Japanese society. I hope this website would be helpful for those who want to travel to Japan or live in Japan.
Now MET's online open forum is underway. After it's completed, you'll be able to exchange any opinions and ideas regarding Japan in 10 languages. It'll launch on May, 2011.

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Arlene Kuroda (Left; Product Manager) & Maya Fujimura (Right; PR Manager)

Arlene Kuroda and Maya Fujimura are originally the ECC's English instructors. But they joined My Eyes Tokyo because they empathized with its mission and vision.
Arlene is a Philippines-native woman, who's been living in Tokyo for 20 years and speak Tagalog, Japanese and English. Her Japanese skills are so well that she speaks, reads and writes like Japanese people.
Maya Fujimura was born in Philippines and raised in Japan and Philippines. Her nationality is Japanese but she speaks both Japanese and English like native speakers.
They give a really big help to MET, especially support its renewed radio show (broadcasted from April 9, 2011) and creating the online forum, which will launch in May. But they've already created a similar one on Facebook and Twitter, so check them out!!

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*Radio Podcast (Chuo FM 84.0MHz):fm840.jp/blog/myeyestokyo/ (E/J)

*中央FM『My Eyes Tokyo』:fm840.jp/blog/myeyestokyo/ (英/日) *Podcastでもお楽しみいただけます。
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Gogakumaestro : Proofread (English)
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