Tokyo Interview #1 Giuliano Garau

Tokyo Interview

I'm really happy to see you.

October 11 (Wed), 2006

#1 Giuliano Garau

Photographer, Audio & Visual Professional
(He came to Japan five days ago)


It was my dream to
come to Tokyo.

He is the first person on this website! Mr. Garau arrived in Japan five days ago. But he can already speak some basic Japanese.
He worked as a salesperson for electronic equipments in Holland. But he really, really wanted to come to Japan, so he saved some money and traveled across oceans and land to get to Japan. Now he seems to be really happy with being in Tokyo.

*Interview at Meiji Gakuin University (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

"YES! I've finally arrived in Japan.”

I came to Japan to broaden my horizon. My interest in Japan is very big. I'd love to learn more about the culture, the people, the food, the design culture and the language. It's a vacation now but hopefully I will find work here so I can stay longer.
When I was younger, I had lots of Japanese influences. At a young age I learned Karate. I also got interested in anime(animated cartoon) movies. For example, Hayao Miyazaki's works ( "Spirited Away, "Castle of Laputa" ) and other anime movies like "Ghost In the Shell” and "Akira".
I also got introduced to the game "Final Fantasy", which has been one of my favorite games ever. At a later age, when the internet was available I got interested in music from Japanese artists. I listened to Hikaru Utada's tunes, and from composers like Joe Hisaishi, Nobuo Uematsu and many more I can't think of right now. And of course, because I studied audio and visual design, I got in touch with lots of Japanese movies and Japanese designs.
When I set foot in Narita Airport, I felt, "YES! I have finally arrived in Japan." I already knew some things about Japan so everything went smoothly.

At the "department store for girls".

When I was in Shibuya, I wanted to check out some departments stores, to see what they've got. I went to the building called "109", the department store specializes only in clothing for girls. I didn't know that. I went to the 1st floor of 109 and I noticed a lot of girls. They were whispering to each other and pointing at me. So I was thinking: "What's wrong? Is my hair OK?" I continued to the 2nd floor. Again, only girls' clothes. Next floor, girls' clothes. Each floor had only clothes for girls. So I got a little embarrassed and quickly left the building. It was wrong place for men!

Tokyo is really lively.

Of course, there are many differences between Japan and Holland. Japanese people are very polite. For example, Clerks always welcome everyone who comes into their shops, hotels or any other public facilities. Many of those public facilities and shops are open 24/7; this makes the city really lively.
Japan also has a recycling system much more advanced than the one in Holland. Food is also very different from that in Holland.
Very delicious! And of course, Japanese fashion is very different.
I love Japanese food. I love the fashion. I love the Japanese designs. I love the Japanese atmosphere... I love lots of things here. So I want to stay here for a long time. I have to leave here in three months, because I am only a tourist now. But hopefully I will find some work and so I'll be able to stay here much longer, even for the rest of my life!!
No, it's hard to say actually. I've been here only for a few days and I'm still enjoying it. But maybe if I've been here for a longer time my feelings will change. I don't think if that will happen, but for now I want to stay for a really long time.
It was my dream to come to Tokyo. I've seen many pictures, read lots of stories and seen a few movies of Tokyo. So I finally stand here in the busy crowd and look up at the tall buildings and I get goose-bumpy. It's really amazing.


What is Tokyo to you?

Tokyo is in one word "Awesome!”
I think everybody should come to Japan just once in his/her life.

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